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Anne Darling Small Price, the Daughter of Harold Sumner Small and granddaughter of Viola Crouch Stiles, contacted Kevin Mendik and shared these family photos. Mrs. Price is an avid golfer who lived in New York State and often played the Rutland Country Club in VT among other Stiles designs.

7 May 2012 letter to KRM

March 1953 Course List From Estate

Obituary Boston Herald 11 February 1953

Photo Key

Wayne, Viola & Harold JrNotes on reverseViola & Harold at House in Wellesley February 1942House in Wellesley 1995Wayne (R), Viola & friendsWayne, Viola and unknownWayneWayne and ViolaViola & HaroldWayne & Harold w his dog Patsy (she is buried behind Wellesley house)Wayne 5th from L, maybe at Brae BurnWayne & Friends - very old photoWayne 1916Wayne PortraitWayne, Viola & HaroldKennebunk Cottage

Stiles Residences  РChildhood Home in Boston at L, Needham Home Built in 1932 at R

Stiles Childhood HomeStiles Home in Needham 1932

Stiles Competition Photo Gallery

Qualifying for the Mass. Amateur at Essex CC Circa 1904Stiles Portrait by Purdy1907 Scratch Tourny at Brae Burn. 2d Division won by WS at right1911 MGA Team at Brae Burn. WS top row 2d from leftBrae Burn Handicap Cu Won by Stiles in 1905 & 1909The Quaigh at Brae Burn Won by Stiles in 1911Travis and Stiles Play at Brae BurnQulaifying for the State Golf Championship1909 News Accounts of StilesStiles and Brother Harry A CompetingStiles wins at Brae Burn 1907