Publications & Articles

In 2017, Steve MacQuarrie published A Triumph in Craftsmanship, a Biography of John D. Mineck and Boston Golf Club. Mr. Mendik provided photographs of a number of Mr. Mineck’s furniture works, his church in Hingham, MA, and numerous stones from the Boston Trinity Church which were made into stairs and other landscape elements.

KRM 2016 article about H.C. Leeds, architect of the course at the Myopia Hunt Club, along with Kebo Valley in Maine, the original 18 holes at the Palmetto Club in SC, and Bass Rocks in MA.

During 2016, The Life and Times of Donald Ross was published with a contribution from Kevin Mendik.

In 2015, a look at entrance drives offered a glimpse beyond the gates.

September 15, 2013 Berkshire Eagle Article about The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s Fall 2013 What’s Out There Event featuring Stiles courses in the Berkshires and Kevin Mendik.

KRM 2012 Golf Club Atlas Article about the Restoration of Ambassador Annenberg’s  Dick Wilson designed Golf Course at the Sunnylands Estate in Palm Springs, California.

Wee Nip Autumn 2012 KRM Article About the Scottish Hickory Championship at Gullane #1.

Boston Globe July 7, 2011 Article about Hickory Golf and Golfers Featuring Kevin Mendik.

Wee Nip August 2010 KRM Article about the Opening of The Old Macdonald at Bandon Dunes. KRM was the first golfer to use hickories on the course and held the hickory course record, briefly.

Golf Collector’s Society Bulletin September 2009 KRM Article about Collection Succession.

MassGolfer Winter 2008-2009 Edition Featuring Wayne Stiles in Massahcusetts.

Shaping the American Landscape (2009) Including KRM Profiles of Wayne Stiles, CB Macdonald and AW Tillinghast.

KRM and Bob Labbance Chapter in Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume V (2009) Featuring Wayne Stiles.

2008 New York Times August 4 about Stiles and the book.

KRM and Bob Labbance discuss Wayne Stiles for an Interview 18 Questions in Golf Club Atlas April 2008.

June 2006 Article in The Wall Street Journal Featuring KRM at the 2006 Orvis Hickory Tournament in Vermont.

KRM 2005 Golf Club Atlas Article on The Challenges of Restoring a Classic American Golf Course.